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Family Nurse Practitioner F.N.P.

Nurse practitioners are independent health care providers who have advanced degrees which allow them to diagnose, treat, and prescribe. Our NPs can serve as a patient's primary health care provider and treat patients of all ages.

NPs have completed an accredited graduate-level education program and passed a national certification examination. In the course of their training, NPs acquire advanced clinical knowledge and skills which prepare him/her to provide direct care to patients. The core philosophy of the nurse practitioner practice is based on individualized care focused on the patient’s condition(s) as well as the effect(s) of illness on the lives of the patient and their family. NPs provide holistic and preventive care engaging the individual as the primary leader in their own care and well-being.

The Nurse Practitioners at Flagstaff Family Care Clinic:

  • Provide primary care for the entire family which includes well-child care, including screening and immunizations, and health maintenance care for adults, including annual physical exams

  • Diagnose, treat, evaluate, and manage acute and chronic illness and disease (e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure)

  • Prescribe drugs for acute and chronic illness

  • Order, perform, and interpret diagnostic studies (e.g., routine lab tests, bone x-rays, EKGs)

  • Prescribe physical therapy and other rehabilitation treatments

  • Perform minor surgeries and procedures (e.g. dermatological biopsies, suturing, incision and drainage)

  • Counsel and educate patients and families on health behaviors, self-care skills, and treatment options

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Flagstaff Family Care Clinic Nurse Practitioners - Yale Location

Laurel Steinbring, FNP-C

Laurel Steinbring, FNP-C is our new board certified nurse practitioner. She is native to Arizona. She received her Bachelors in Nursing from the University of Arizona in May of 2003. She has specialized in medical, surgical, psychiatric and school nursing over the last thirteen years. Laurel earned her Masters of Science in Nursing with a Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate at Northern Arizona University in May of 2016. Laurel enjoys the management of acute and chronic conditions. She has a passion for integrative and holistic medicine. She looks forward to serving the community at Flagstaff Family Care.

Patricia Bartholomew, FNP

Patricia Bartholomew is a Family Nurse Practitioner and is a graduate of Northern Arizona University for her FNP. She began her career as a Marine Biologist as a graduate of Oregon State University. She worked on board a research vessel for several years before starting her path in a medical career. She started as a phlebotomist and a diener in pathology performing autopsies in San Health Sciences University in the development of the cryotherapy treatment for Retinopathy of Prematurity with Drs. Earl Palmer and Velma Dobson. From here she began her journey into a more fulling nursing career at the Providence Medical Center in the Pacific Northwest where she began her foundation in hospice and palliative care. Today she has found the perfect balance working as a nurse practitioner in Family Practice and in Hospice and Palliative care.

When not at work Patricia spends her time with her husband and two dogs. She has several Motorcycles from sports bikes to cruisers. She loves hiking, camping and bicycle riding in the most beautiful area in the United States — Flagstaff.